Help with budget LSD charger?

Plain and simple I need an LSD AA/AAA charger on a budget.

1) super budget: Xiaomi ZI5 PB400 & Ikea Ladda YH-990BF for <€10;
2) less budget: Panasonic BQ-CC16, BQ-CC17 or BQ-CC55 for €15-20.

From the various reviews (thanks HKJ) I understand both 1) choices are limited in features but at least load/terminate properly. The CC55 is on sale for only a few € more and from the specs looks like an improved CC16, but I can’t find any reviews on it. From the others the CC16 looks better than the CC17 but is more expensive. Given the price difference ’d like to get the CC55 but am hesitant to do so without knowing more than just paper specs.

Any assistance is appreciated.

EDIT: just got a promo offer on the Sanyo MQ-N09 for even less than the BQ’s, but haven’t found a review yet. Fro m the spec I understand it to be an ‘older’ slow charger but with -delta V control (clearance sale?)

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I think most LSD got lost in the sixties and the largest part of what remained in the seventies :wink:

Your link opens too slow (but I’m on phone)
Have ypu thought about getting a charger that can also do li ions?
(Now that you made it here it is more then likely you need that in the future anyways ;))
Something with a screen and maybe some test functions too? Buy it from China and you get a lot more charger for the same amount of euros then using a EU site.

Thanks :confounded: I know very little about battery tech, so imagine my train of thought when I first bought Eneloops and looked at the package. I used a MAHA (don’t remember the ##) at the office, but need one myself now and €50 is a bit too much.

EDIT: I’m sure I’ll get a multi function/testing device in the future, but for now it’s strictly budget. Even my LSD’s come from IKEA :smiley: . Knowing that Panasonic makes both good and crap chargers, I’m hesitating to pull the trigger on the CC55 only to find out it’s one of the latter sometime down the road. A marketing vid on the CC57 (basically a CC55 with powerbank functionality).

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I have this charger LiitoKala.

There is a thread here Charger
a review here Review

I like it a lot it will charge the LSD’s but you see it is a single, For the price you could buy as many as you need.

If you do buy from this retailer, beware some members here advise against it. I haven’t had a bad issue with them after four purchases

Thanks for the suggestion. Definitely good value, but I need a minimum of 2 slots for regular use & preferably 4. Hence the options in the FP. With the CC55 being cheaper than the CC16 and looking to have added features with a similar charging speed and it being sold locally I’m leaning that way, were it not for the lack of data available.

Test/Review of Charger Xiaomi ZI5 PB400