Help with defective multi emitter driver HX-1176b

A colleague from work brought me this Rustu R60S flashlight that had failed in the very first minute of use.
He was just able to cycle through the modes and then I think it just went black, when he unscrewed the tube he found the driver spring was almost glowing.
The 6 XM-L leds are wired in series and are working fine without the driver, the emitters starts glowing at around 15V.
Light is suppose to take 2 or 3 lions in series.
When I connect my power supply to the driver it’s almost behaving like a dead short, meter says ~220kohm at the connection points though.
There was some smoke leaking out for a brief moment when the amp meter read around 10A, not sure from where but the inductor got pretty hot.
Anyone got any tips on getting it to work or maybe find a new suitable driver?
It’s a fairly big fella at 32mm diameter.
The light wasn’t bought from here it’s just to show some info

Some pictures of the driver

Wrote down what I could see on some of the components and also the measured inductance on the big inductor.

I’ve never heard of the 1176 but the 1175 is a very good buck driver, I mention this because you say the 6 3v emitters are in series, that would mean that the 1176 must be a boost driver.

My suggestion is to rewire the emitters and either use a 1175b or use a BLF FET driver (the emitter wiring will be different between these two).

What is your soldering skill level and how much do you want to spend on this? Do you just want the light to work or do yo want to upgrade it at the same time (new emitters and direct bond MCPCB’s)?

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:
Yes I did find that 1175b driver which seems kind of similar, weird that there is nothing on this 1176.
Is it common with boost drivers on these multi emitter lights?
I was a bit surprised that all the leds were in series, first I thought they wired them wrong but that shouldn’t make the driver go bad I think?
My soldering skills are pretty good, it’s not my light though and the owner has no idea at all about lion safety (yes he got unprotected ultrafires) and all that so not sure what the best solution modding wise would be.
Maybe I should just give him a couple of single battery lights instead.

sounds like the safest idea seeing as how his first time with this light he almost blew it up! Trade him some single cell light’s and mod this for you.