Help with first builds

I had no luck sourcing a Solarforce L2M, so I bought three hosts and placed an order with mtn electronics to complete my first builds. My first was going to be to install a single Samsung LH351D into a convoy m1 host with a fet driver however I was shipped a triple. There don’t seem to be any spacers available for the m1 to accommodate the triple so I’m going to need to order a single. It’s more expensive to return the triple so also ordered a convoy s2 host but will need an optic for it. My two questions are: what optic can I use with a domed triple? And is there any US based alternative to mtn electronics (or better yet Canadian based)
Any advice would be appreciated!

Richard at Mountain is a good guy. Did you reach out to him? Mtn is probably the most used NA based shop for parts. has some stuff and Craig and Calvin are active on here r/flashlight. They don’t have as big of a selection as Richard but they are very responsive.

I reached out via phone (apparantly it’s “by appointment only”) proceeded to email and received responses from a generic and then Lisa. confirmed my ability to get a refund but it’d cost more to ship back so i’ll just use this triple for the convoy as opposed to ordering an xpl triple. They sent me the link for the proper “single” LED on MCPCB but my requests for a call and request for optic advice have gone unanswered. I’ll check out Illumn, thanks for the heads up!

Any of the Carclo 10507 thru 10511 optics will work with a triple Samsung LH351D. Personally I like the 10511 frosted narrow spot optic since it has some throw with minimal artifacts. The 10507 has more throw, but shows a lot more artifacts. And the 10508 was too floody for me, but no artifacts at all. Since they are cheap and easy to experiment with, I suggest you try several.

I’ve had great success with Mountain Electronics over the years so I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. Sounds like they will work with you, but it’s too expensive to return.

I also have the S2 spacer from MTN, along with their triple MCPCB that I reflowed some Nichia 219Bs on. Just waiting for an AR lens from China to put it all together.

Does it matter if the led’s are domed?

I forgot the details about spacers for triples, but to convert a plain ol’ S2+ pill from single to triple, you need to drill a hole in the center for the wires, and possibly shave down the rim flat for the triple’s pcb.

You’ll have extra length in the battery tube, though, as the pill just screws in as far as necessary. If so, you could probably use a shorty tube (for an 18350) with an 18500 cell to make up the extra length inside.