Help with L6 Short Tube mod

Can someone point me in the right direction to mod one of my L6's with a short tube? I want to get the same power as the original two batteries by just using one battery with the short tube. I guess I need some sort of boost driver and a short tube and that's it? Want to make the mod as simple as can be if possible. Would also be nice if the driver firmware had a battery check in it like the Q8 too.

or 2x26350 and short tube from L2?

Was hoping for 1 x 26650 (protected) as I'm am making it as a gift for someone.

Yes that’s all. The problem is that it’s hard to find a micro switch controlled driver. There is one 32mm on the KD, but for L6 is needed 30mm. You could try to sand it.

Thanks, it's a good back up if I can't find a 30mm. Nobody makes a 30mm to work for the L6?

Ask Lexel. Boost drivers are at the bottom OP.

Forgot about Lexel, thanks!

Lexel said he doesn't have a boost driver for the short tube. Whats the point of offering a short tube for the L6 if there is no driver available to run just one 26650?

Hmm. It looks like Lexel is still working on the boost drivers

Glad I didn't order the short tube then if nobody actually has a driver to work it.