Help with RAM upgrade...

Hi PC gents Was wondering if you guys can help me with this…

I was able to pull apart an HP desktop computer, salvaged the 200G hard drive and 4G ram. I installed the HD in a new XP host and it works fine.

I plugged the 1G ram boards into my new host and the PC doesn’t boot up. It just feeds a black screen and goes “BEEEEEEEEP———————-BEEEEEEEEEEEEP—————-BEEEEEEEEEP—————-BEEEEEEEEEEP”

Both machines run windows XP. I have tried wiping down the ram so the contacts are clean and the host PC is dust-free. I have pulled in/out new and old RAM modules and the results are the same, and 100% repeatable. Heres some pics.

1G memory modules

Old one on the bottom, new one on the top

New memory installed (BEEEEEEEEEP…….BEEEEEEEEEEEP)

Old memory, runs fine (just a little slow)

What am I doing wrong?… thanks in advance

So does it work with the 512?

Yeah the 2x 512M boards work just fine. just like you see in the picture. I have swapped them in/out 3-4 times now… and every time I try and use the 1G boards…. no dice.

Are these HP memory modules proprietery? do they need to be jailbreak’d or hacked? They are generic right?

Do you have the model numbers for the 2 different computers? It may be a incompatibility problem. Most computers use either DDR, DDR2, or DDR3. I am guessing that the one gig ones are a different type.

Those 1GB modules are PC2-3200 (200MHz), while your original 512MB modules are PC2-4200 (266MHz). In other words, the new ones are bigger, but slower, and may not be compatible with the way the rest of your system is configured.

What CPU do you have? (exact model)

Both are DDR2, but newer, 1GB RAM, is slower than your old RAM. I definitely would prefer more RAM, instead of faster RAM.
So, dunno it’s mobo problem (try to update BIOS anyway). What it can be is that the newer RAM is ECC (or vice versa), and your mobo don’t support it :expressionless:
If you can, take a close up photo of those stickers on your RAM, can’t see those number very well.
What’s your mobo? (model, brand) (nah, found model number on your pics :wink: )

I was right then :bigsmile:

Recycled Electrons has given you a link to the specs for your board, and going by your pictures, the RAM you have salvaged seems to be compatible.

RAM is very easily damaged by static electricity and improper handling. The modules may be have been damaged before you got them (you don't say where you got the donor machine or whether it was working before you scrapped it). It is also possible you may have damaged them in the "cleaning" process. Apologies if you are aware of static precautions; my experience is that many people are not.

The best test is to try to test the modules in another known, working PC.

A long shot but also worth investigating is to check your BIOS settings for RAM Timing. Generally they are best left set to "Auto" unless you are a skilled overclocker but it may be possible that HP or someone else has screwed with the settings. Again, check the documentation, but if you can't find or understand the options for RAM timing, you could try loading "fail-safe defaults" rather than "best performance" settings from the main BIOS menu and see if this helps.

Unless you are a heavy user, the performance gains in increasing to more than 1GB of RAM in an XP machine are subject to the law of diminishing returns. Vista/7 of course will require at least 2GB to approach anything like useful.

Good luck, let us know how this pans out.

EDIT: This thread is moving fast. Problem identified while I was typing. Never mind, I'll let the above post stand as it may be useful to someone else.

Wow great info thanks gents… looks like its not compatible.