Help with Simon's page

I am looking at this light. It is a C8 from Simon. I need a little help with the “body color” it gives several choices of modes, but I don’t quite understand the the options. Can someone please explain it for me? Thanks

How many modes do you need?

Best is to take the new driver firmware with user selectable modes from 12 different groups
before payment comment BLF member in checkout so you get 15% discount

this light has new firmware

if you want the black one with DTP star and AR glas and new firmware ask in checkout

I think i still prefer the Nanjg 105 4 group no nonsense driver…
3rd star connected to ground gives me lo-mid-hi which is enough for me.

great idea, I didn’t know that was possible. thanks.

My black C8 XPL-HI came with a copper DTP board. (bought at Gearbest)
I think only the XM-L2 versions maybe come with a alu non-DTP board (?)

there are different batches out there

He did the clear one with all new stuff to separate it from older black models

Well, I tried to get the light I wanted from Simon, but I only got frustrated.
Does he understand any English or does he rely on the internet translator?
I love the products from Convoy, but the process is way more complicated than it should be.
Maybe I’ll try a thorfire c8

What exactly are you having trouble with jigsaw?

To be clear, I have ordered from him before so I know the procedure for getting the BLF discount. I find that process very tedious and time consuming. I think the last order took about six days just to get the transaction completed.

This time I messaged him asking if I could get a black C8 with the exact same parts as the clear C8. He replied by telling me to give the transaction number.

I gave up.