Here come the R-series LED flashlights at DX

Well, it looks like the floodgates are now open, and DX is cranking out the R-series lights. In addition to the TrustFire R5-A3 they now have four new models that differ only by color (grey or black) and modes (1 or 6). However, in my opinion, they really hit these things with the ugly stick:

Additionally there is a new 18650 / 2x16340 light with an R-series bin for those who prefer this configuration. This one is a Romisen, might be a very nice quality light:

I was also checking that out on there site, makes you want to know what there thinking. With that crown on the light i imagine the spill is small for real world use.

provide you with many choices.

I prefer my R5-A3, it’s quite bright and cheap for a small light.