here we go again

Used to spend a lot of time over at CPF, then had a long stint where I didn’t do much with lights. Lost my EDC PD, eventually lost the oveready that replaced it. Figured I’d look around for something similar, got excited about the FW3A, so here I am again.


…and you’ll be stuck here…

BTW, welcome

Make yourself at home, Thefire!

Welcome to BLF, Thefire. It can be be noisy here at times, but it is a fun place to be. Lock up your wallet!

This forum is great lots of helpful knowledgeable people way better than CPF

Listen to this guy, he does not joke.

Hah! The problem is that I’m not a broke student anymore, so my wallet is far more in danger than it used to be.

You may need a mortgage.

I used to spend alot of time on CPF 12+ years ago, sort of stopped my flashlight addiction, then found BLF, loads of money later

I don’t know what cpf is but this forum seems great :slight_smile:

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