Here we go, FastTech has the "UltraFire" wrappers for 14500 cells

Now you can “make” your very own “UltraFire” fakes.

See my previous post about this stuff here

Is it wrong that I wanna wrap my Eneloops with these?

I honestly think FastTech should abandon sales of these before they lose credibility and have people questioning if everything else is real or fake.

But put them on these and they’ll be safe. :smiley:

awesome! I can now sell 5000mah 14500 cells on ebay for 8.99 a pair!

maybe I should build some 14000 lumen xml torches to go with them :slight_smile:

Maybe we should ask FastTeck to sell these wrappers without any branding. I know lots of members could use cell wrappers, but the UltraFire label just raises my bile.

I would love to find a source of cheap 18650 wrappers. Many of my laptop pulls have damaged wrappers. They don’t need to say anything. Plain white would be great so I could write on it.

Check the drop down menu on the link to the 14500’s

black, blue, green or clear

True but most folks don’t need 25ft.

I know you can’t put the genie back in the bottle — these fake wrappers are pretty easily available — but this smells like bad business to me. As mentioned above, it makes FastTech look sleazy, and I’d think twice about ordering batteries from them. I sent them a note in the ‘contact us’ section in the hopes that it makes them think about the issue.

Right, In the drop down menu from FastTech, you can get 1 meter for 0.84. That’s much less per foot than eBay, AND you can buy just 0.84 worth, AND free shipping

I’m not going to be ordering anything from fast-tech after seeing this .

I agree…I just posted this on their ‘How did we do’ thread…advise others to do as well.

I don’t know if I sent it to the right “contact” at FastTech, but I made an attempt. Perhaps other should give FastTech a “heads-up”

My message:
*Your “UltraFire” branded battery wrappers have been noticed by the flashlight forums. Carrying this product calls into question the integrity of FastTech. Forum members are now questioning what could be hidden beneath the wrapper of the Panasonic and Sanyo branded batteries they have just purchased from FastTech.
I do not believe that the minor profit realized by selling this product can outweigh the damage it is doing to FastTechs reputation.


I agree with this message.

maybe some of our members who ordered the panasonics can do some tests to see if they are in fact 3100/3400 mah just for added peace of mind…

I do believe that FastTechs Sanyo, Panasonic…etc batteries are authentic. I just wanted to point out to them that these wrappers could could unintentionally cast a cloud over FastTechs good name and reputation.

The wrapper itself is a good idea as they can damaged but it would be better if they offered unbranded wrappers instead and stated “for repair ”. I wonder what cell out there has been rebranded with the most wrappers.

At least they say they are used,

“This item is covered by manufacturer’s warranty.
Manufacturer’s warranty replaces FastTech’s standard product warranty.

These batteries are taken out of other industrial products and are sold AS-IS.

FastTech checks to make sure voltage is between 3.6V and 4.2V but we cannot make any other guarantees.

These batteries do not come with any warranty from FastTech.
FastTech’s DOA and satisfaction guarantee still apply.”