Here's my new TrustFire X6

Somebody’s got addiction issues!

Next on my list too.

Very nice display :slight_smile:


Thank you!! And yes I do…. :bigsmile:

Nice! Much bigger than the rest of yours. ;) What do you think of it and are you planning on modding it?

I really like it, it throws great. I am thinking about having it modded but I will wait awhile.

Also, can you give us an indication of how well it throws stock?
Eg 7G5V2w/coll head > x6 > stl v2 > 7G5V2

Do you have a lux meter? Mine tops out around 50kcd so I have been having trouble getting a reliable reading.

The 7G5V2w/coll head will out throw it…. and the stl-v2 is a tie…

I don’t but that sounds about right by the looks of how it throws against the stl-v2

And the lumen output I hope is much brighter than the stl-v2 right?

Mine has been modded with a 9 amp driver and does better than my STL-V2, so I'm sure there is an improvement. I'm just not sure how much.

Rikr - Nice purchase. I just recieved my X6 a few days ago. Its a

beast of a torch without powering it up. Its certainly a great thrower

even underdriven and that's in part to the salad bowl like reflector.

Im in no rush to recieve the two drivers that are on the way. A 9amp

from KD and purpose built driver with potentiator rated 10A min

The only thing bigger is my TrustFire DF003.

I just retested the STL-V2 and the X6 and the X6 throws further… I have a tower that’s 600 feet away and the X6 lights it up. It wasn’t dark enough the first time I tested them. I’m very happy now!!

600 feet = 200 yards = 182 meters

> Are you sure the STL-V2 can’t light up a tower 200 yards away? Wait for it to get darker still!

EDIT: oh wait, the X6 does throw further. But I’m also interested to see how far it will throw. possibly up to 400 yards?

It further than that, cause yes the STL-V2 can throw 200yards, so I would guess it’s 350-400 yards away

EDIT: I just google earth it and it is 776 feet = 258 yards

Can you take an underexposed picture of both hotspots next to each other on a wall? That’s another way of comparing hotspot intensity

Awesome collection rikr!

Thank you… :slight_smile:

The X6 is on the left in every picture.