Here's What We Need Guys

Just think how many flashlights this would hold.

It's big and heavy so most people will not be able to move it.

If you have a truck or van and a movers hand truck is a easy project.

I would offer $100 if it has not sole in a week

Well I'm not buying one that big. That would make me buy way too many flashlights in the next few years to justify the cost of that unit let alone the money I would spend on flashlights. But I still would like to get one about half that size. How much do you think that unit weighs?

My girlfriend would flip out. I try to keep my lights spread put so she doesn't notice my light hoarding problem. To put them all in a display case for her to be able to count would result in a serious problem for me. Good luck with that.

Never ask how much it weighs because if you need help and the person ask's how much it weighs all you have to say is "Not Much" because if you tell them the weight no one will ever help you.

Well my wife knows pretty much what I have. They are all on my computer shelves at the end of my desk and on top of the desk. What I need is one about like this one below or better yet a corner curio. Seller is asking $200 for this one.

ILF, I will have to respectfully disagree, here is what we need:

I've thought about building a carry-bag or satchel that has a nicely-finished wood platform inside, with various sizes of holes drilled into it. The holes would be sized so that the bodies of different flashlights would fit down into the hole and the wood itself would support the head of the light.

So you could open up the satchel and see the heads of all your flashlights staring up at you.

Governments are the only entities who can take valuable commodities like paper and ink and combine them into something that becomes worthless.

That is very true. LOL!

I like this one for $200.

I have this one from Ikea...its kind of small and light duty. I think I paid like 50$ for it, now the price is 80$ so it must have had a price increase...

Anyway I wouldnt buy anything new again, Id just look on the local classifieds...Check the commercial listings too for bankruptcy or clear out type sales.

If something you want is too big, Craigslist has a section for moving men with a truck (like Ford F-150) they could bring it home for you for not much $

Check CL for business fixtures. There are usually lighted displays for sale from liquidation sales.

I think something like a credenza on a computer desk with perhaps some closed doors at one end with the rest open shelfing would be good.
Having dozens and dozens of flashlights lined up in the kind of collection displace cases you are talking about just looks like hording to me when I see them like that.
If they are strictly a collection I guess that’s understandable but if they are displayed but varied a bit you will use them more. It’s also more interesting to look at.
With the computer desk credenza idea you can line them up on the shelfs behind the doors and in the more spread out open shelf/cubbyhole area you can lay/stand them in a more natural way. You can also vary what you have on “display” by moving lights into and out of the closed door area.

Needed ever so bad !