Hey, finally found my Osram...

Well, after the slight disappointment of the last light I had of this model that ended up being a generic, I actually found this little baby at a local swap meet for $7. Quality's MUCH better than the eBay one, better F+F, much better threading and really nice anodizing. Also, really nice natural grey anodized colour.

And of course, instead of a Cree or generic, we have - the Osram Golden Dragon.

And, for a slight laugh, seems like Sipik doesn't like to make extra laser engravings.

Supports 14500s, but the body gets mighty hot mighty fast so it's NiMHs or the NiZNs that Match sent me for now.

I had one and gave it away. Didn't like the artifacts and emitter wires being projected at max zoom. Still thing that the best zoomies are Sipik Sk-68 and romisen RC-C8.

What's it called? I rather like the styling with the full body knurling.

I've only found it to be an issue with wall hunting. In actual usage the artifacts are so much dimmer than the spot they don't really show. I'll likely stick with the SK68 as my go-to single mode as it supports 14500s quite nicely, but I wanted to try and Osram and this was a cheap way to do it.

The model from Sipik is called the SK58, but it comes in both Cree and Osram.

Thanks :)

any one else had problems with the switch on these lights

i bought three of them and the switch failed on two of them the switch housing on the ones i got is sandwiched plastic which fell a part

I have one of these.... switch is perfect.... purchased a year ago. The only problem of this light is that it flickers due to very bad contacts in the dropin. And, of course, mine has very ineficcient driver.... produces 40-60 lumens drawing more than 2A from a NiMh cell

Blimey, that's impressively bad! :(

Mine at least seems to be improved, I got about 1:40 from a fresh NiMH before the output nosedived. It did get pretty warm, though.

Mine is different. Also does NOT accept 14500 whereas other accepts them.... very sad

Well, after finally replacing my crappy, non-working multimeter with a decent, working meter I got a 1.45A draw, so the circuit's definitely been improved on this light.


mine draws +2A with NiMh.... but very inefficient... only 40-60 lumens