Hey, folks.

Hi. I just came over from CPF. I am a newbie -- not a "flashlight nerd," by any means -- and was looking for advice on a good budget light for basic use. I ran into some draconian modding over there, and a helpful user pointed me in this direction. After reading a bit, this forum looks a lot friendlier, and I'm looking forward to learning more about modern lights and batteries!

Hi and welcome to BLF asthasar! This is a nice place, and the peer moderation system employed here does work surpringingly well while at the same time it isn't to harsh on people who like to go off topic alot (like me:P). Enjoy your stay!

Aloha and welcome to BLF asthasr!

Just read through some of the reviews below and you'll most like find several budget lights you'ld love to own. Almost all of my lights have been purchased because of the reviews here by our many torch experts.

I posted the same thing about a week ago, and I have to say this is a very friendly, helpful group...haven't looked at the 'other' site since. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here.


LOL, Fishinfool...that was unexpected. I need to remember to put my drink down before stumbling onto your posts.

Welcome Asthasr! Quite a few of us came over for the exact reasons you stated. Personally, this is the first forum I've actually gotten into, instead of lurking. There's some outstanding members here with a lot of knowledge: Everything from batteries, chargers, good deals, torch reviews, and modding...

Welcome, this is just like some day i came across a learning website,and i insist to go with it. i made it a habit.

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Yes, match thats right, some users here have some amazing modding skillz

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Sorry to terrorize you Gents, but you better get used to it. I suspect that as CPF continues its decline and more people find their way to BLF (for obvious reasons), the pics will only get.... uhhhhh.... Yell

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@FlashPilot - These very, very disturbing pics you are posting are probably scaring off any new members.

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