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Hey y’all, flashlight noob here. Stumbled on this forum after upgrading my 7-8 year old energizer headlamp to a fenix hm65r-t. I’ll be using the Fenix fairly often as I’m opening up a bbq food trailer so I’ll have plenty of late nights outside smoking meats. I also like trail running so now that I have a decent light I might try it at night. I stumbled on this forum when I was trying to figure out which lights on aliexpress would be a good value+quality as a backup

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The Fenix HM65R-T looks like a good headlamp. Interesting that it contains magnesium to keep the weight down.

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Welcome. How do you like your new headlamp?

So far it’s great. The flood light has a great wide angle even cast and the spot light is wide enough that it seems like it will be great for trail running. The strap is nice and comfortable and feels very secure; I’ve worn it walking around and working outside for 6 hours and didn’t feel any discomfort. The one thing I would say is that the strap is small and fenix has admitted as much and is working on a new design for a bigger strap. My head size is about 7 1/4 and it’s basically at max open and my head is shaved so if I had thick hair or a was wearing it over a hat it wouldn’t fit. Sorry I don’t really have the knowledge or tools to provide a nice review like the the ones ive read on here.

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Welcome to BLF!

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Welcome to BLF ‘Dallaspitmaster’ :sunglasses:

Hello there dude, im from Houston!

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Keep us up to date on your BBQ adventure :sunglasses:
Any pics of your grill / smoker ?

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I’m on the east side of DFW, and I too enjoy good BBQ and flashlights.

Thanks for the warm welcome y’all, learning a lot already.

I’m running a Ole Hickory CTO-DW , I’m going to be a one man operation to start with so this burns logs, but also auto controls airflow to regulate temp. It’s also NSF rated because eventually I want to move and non nsf certified smokers might not pass health department standards in some locations.