Hey guys. A big hello to everyone.

Hey guys. A big hello to everyone.

I use my flashlights for urban exploration and hiking. I like to use my lights on the highest mode because I love light.

Hello, and welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF! you should contact sb56637

Hi A'M'XD,

Welcome to BLF.

No, this is not solely a budget light forum. Personally I tend to think of it as a value for money light forum. However, as most vfm tends to be found at the budget end of the market most posts revolve around that sector but we often chat and use high end lights too. For example, most of us love the Sipik SK68 and its clones (about $8) but the Fenix TK41 is also a well loved light around here (an 8xAA based thrower as I'm certain you know ).

I'd be very interested to know which AA/2AA throwers you have.

Welcome to BLF. Budget is certainly a big part of this place, but there are plenty of high end lights too and everyone appreciates a high quality light as much as the next guy, we just prefer to pay less!

And we would love to see you list out all your lights - I this guy can do it, so can you.Smile

Welcome to BLF, AnimalMotherXD! Great that you decided to jump into the pool with the rest of us!

Like BetweenRides said, we are indeed focused primarily on budget lights but definitely not limited to them. Unlike CPF, we love all lights that look and perform well, particularly the inexpensive ones. We are not snobs and many of the users here are ridiculously talented and knowledgeable when it comes to flashlight modding, maintenance and repair.

We'd love to see a list of your lights, too. If you keep an open mind and let go of any preconceptions about budget lights, we can show you some impressive stuff that will increase your lumens/dollar spending ratio. ;)


Welcome to BLF, prepare to Buy Lights Frequently.

Now that is an acronym I can agree with.

Buy Lights Frequently .... I would if my KD and DX orders show up faster than 3 to 6 months .. laughs though thinks of the moneys saved .. hahah

Welcome here and Hope you enjoy here.

Welcome to BLF

Glad to have you here, AnimalMother.