Hey guys just joined from CPF.

Just wanted to post a greeting. I don’t really have any complaints about CPF other than it does seem to go down more often than other forums. But looking at my collection I do notice that all of them are budget ie Chinese made lights with the best of them being my Solarforces.

Does anyone else find it strange that people continue to buy the Ultrafire p60 lights that are just like the L2P when you can have a much better Solarforce light for about the same price?

Hello and welcome. I do not own any of the lights above, but i like my cheapo’s :d


Welcome to the BLF family, Mr. Krabs!!

I agree with the Solarforce when it comes to p60 lights. What I never understood is why anyone would pay for a Surefire when ANY of the p60 lights are available! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome, Mr_Krabs.


Hello and welcome to BLF!

I agree with you I love solarforce and would take a l2 over a 6p anyday. :)

Welcome Mr. Krabs,

I think you’ll really enjoy this forum a lot. Especially if the bulk of your collection is budget lights. This forum is a wealth of information and very helpful members too.

Welcome to the forum….may you enjoy your stay here.


Personally I love Solarforces and Ultrafires…… :wink:

Welcome to BLF, Mr. Krabs!

Agreed and welcome.

Yes, love the Solarforce lights and products. Been tempted to get either the M6 or M8 cause they look great, but all there other P60 format lights are excellent value, and mine are all holding up perfectly and faultlessly. I still would like some quailty lights however whenever looking at a budget option in the P60 range I won’t look at anything else than Solarforce- when something never let’s you down, stick to it. Wish they’d venture into the triple XML market or some SST90 options. They would rock.

PS- one major difference you’ll find here compared to CPF is you can say what you want (within reason!) without fear of a Moderator kicking you about or removing your post. God forbid you might say anything critical of one of their paid sponsors, deserved or not. BANG!! Here, you may only just kick off an interesting debate. Enjoy the freedom to have an opinion and a say!!

Pretty sure you’ll enjoy it here!

Welcome to BLF!

and a warm welcome!


I agree, Solarforce is basically the premium budget P60 for not much more yet isn’t as popular as it should be. I also have to give them credit for coming up with a unique name that doesn’t include “fire” :stuck_out_tongue:

However, aside from their original P60 clones, they almost exclusively offer unique flashlights in nearly every category. They’re a winner in my book.

Welcome Mr_Krabs. You’ll fit right in here. Prepare to shed off several pounds.

Some people are willing to pay high premium for better quality even if minimal. I don’t judge them but no way I am going to buy overpriced lights. That’s why I’m here and not there.


Any idea where you caught them?

:beer: Welcome to BLF :beer:

Welcome Mr Krabs. Hope you enjoy your time here.