Hey there!

Just joined this forum. Read some reviews on this forum in the past, but decided to join as well. I started my light journey with just a Streamlight 1L and a Nitecore P20 and looking for an addition so hopefully I can borrow some expertise here :-).

You're going to love it here, Jsonftw!

So, do you like the JSON format, or is your name Jason, or are both true?

Thanks raccoon city. My friends call me Jason indeed. I sometimes have trouble in making myself clear so JSON could also apply :smiley:

There's a friend of my family named Jason.

I don't know him that well yet, but he seems super chill.

I haven't learned his last name yet, so I call him Jason Voorhees.

That's a compliment from me because everyone that has taken on Voorhees has lost.

Even Freddy Krueger tried to take on Voorhees, and spoiler alert, he lost.