Hi all!

Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d introduce myself.
I have been a long time “leecher” of BLF and have been a lights enthusiast since I was little. (I am 35 now, so for about 30 years :stuck_out_tongue: )

I decided to register on BLF because it is nice to know I am not nuts for liking flashlights and lights in general :slight_smile: But the real incentive is the BLF GT flashlight. I do not have a thrower yet and want to join the list of lucky buyers.

I have owned a lot of flashlights, but the last couple of years it has been 18650 lights only. All from China: some good ones like the UltraFire 1000 lumens light and some bad ones of which I cannot remember the names.

Right now I own a NiteCore EC20, BLF A6 3D (my favorite) and some nameless 400 lumen light. The rest I probably gave away as birthday presents :slight_smile: So time for some new lights!

I hope you guys make me feel welcome here. And now for my 2nd post: signing up for the BLF GT! :smiley:

Thanks for stopping by, Mecallie!

Hi and welcome Mecallie. Just a bit of advice. Rip the credit card up now. :wink:

Welcome to BLF!
Ou sir will be added to the GT list next tie I update it :wink:

Hello fellow Dutchy!

Welcome to the forum and a sorry up front for your new addiction :beer:

Hartelijk welkom !

Whoot! Thank you sir!

Welcome to the forum. Time for some fun.

Welcome on board

From 1 new newly announced BLF member to another, welcome Mecallie! I’ve also been a long time “leecher” of the BLF.

I’ve been following the discussions about the BLF GT and that should be an awesome thrower once it gets into production.

Welcome, and prepare for the (wallet)) ride of your life…

welcome and yes a lot of purchases are necessary :slight_smile:

You have really jumped into the fire !

Welcome :beer: