Hi, another one from Malaysia

Hi everybody. My name Ramlan and I'm from Malaysia. Get to know this site from The Bright Side.

Interested with light ever since my school day. Every now and then, I'll get myself a flashlight that I can afford and religously "poisoning" friends to get into this hobby.

well-come keep up the good poisoning

I mean work Wink

Great to have you here, Ramlanrafie!

Welcome to the madness Ramlanrafie.

Welcome Ramlanrafie I hope you have a good time here.

Welcome :)

welcome. hope you enjoy it here

Aloha and welcome to BLF Ramlanrafie!

Hi there Ramlan, a very warm welcome to BLF! Thanks for joining, I hope you enjoy yourself here.

What other languages do you speak in addition to English?

Hey there, Selamat Datang.

Wow, thanks everybody for the warm welcome. Definitely I'll enjoy here.

sb56637, Bahasa Malaysia, my native language

skulless, terima kasih (thank you) look like you are good with Bahasa Malaysia