Hi everybody

I found this forum searching for some advise and i discover an entire world of people mad for flashlight, and i really appreciate this!

I'm a noob in this world so i think i will make a thousand of question (please be patient ).

So Hi everybody!


Aloha and welcome to you too Davx!

Go ahead with the questions because everyone here is so much nicer and very knowledgeable (not me) when it comes to anything and everything flashlight.

hello and welcome!

Welcome Davx

Welcome Davx, enjoy your stay. :)

Hi Davx.

Good to have you here.

We all had to start somewhere and the people around here are nicer than most. As I used to say when I was a teacher, "The only stupid question is the one you didn't ask." Feel free to ask.

Welcome to BLF Davx! If you ask a thousand questions you won't be too far behind many of us when we started. Learning about these lights is a big part of the fun.