hi from Borneo


i am from Borneo(Sarawak,Malaysia).

happy new year

Hi there. Sarawak is a very nice place to be using Flashlights.

Hi semba5!

Sarawak's wildlife and nature is fantastic.

halooooo apa kabar

Hello semba5, welcome to BLF. And Happy New Year to you too!

Welcome to BLF and happy new year.

Hi and welcome to BLF !

thanks for the warm welcome folks

Hi semba5. I'm new here to and just a warning on what you say as Boaz will string you up from the highest yardarm. I hope you get as much enjoyment and knowledge from this unruly mob (ok, only some or maybe even one is unruly) as I have. Cheers.

welcome to BLF semba5. Sarawak is a nice place

welcome to BLF and happy new year.:)

Greetings and welcome to BLF, Semba5!!

Welcome Semba5!

I really like the way BLF has [i]very[/i] wide representation all around the world!

Welcome and Happy New Year to you!

thanks folks

salaam Semba

welcome to BLF. Very nice and friendly people here. But they will make your wallet thin Sealed


( ;) hehe )

salaam qandeel

yes its very nice,i will try to hold on very tight to my wallet


Welcome to BLF and Happy New Year from a fellow main-lander.