Hi from Holland

Hi all, this is my first post on this great forum.

After reading many topics on BLF, I decided a Li-Ion powered flashlight was the way to go for me. So on January 6th I ordered the 2pc set of the often recommended Panasonic NCR18650B cells (protected) at Banggood. They arrived today in good condition (and very fast), with an initial 3,60v for both of them. I’ll order another couple and have 2 14500 protected Trustfire (flame, 900mAH) cells from DX on the way, to feed my Ultralight SK68 clone.

A day later, on january 7th I ordered the Convoy C8 AK47 7135*8 (also BG), so I have to wait before a can actually test the 18650’s in the flashlight. I hope it will be delivered as fast as the batteries :slight_smile:

Ordered in NL (at NKON) I received earlier this week a La Crosse RS1020 battery charger with a bunch of Eneloop AA & AAA cells for the regular stuff. I also ordered a XTAR WP2s charger with it for the Li-Ion cells. I decided for the WP2s as I liked the 1A charge current option (in addition to 0,25 & 0,5A) and the Powerbank feature to charge USB stuff. Though not specified, it can even charge a 26650 cell. As bonus with the order I recieved a Tank007 E09 minilight (aaa powered, impressive light for its size).

So my flashlight list is as follows:

- Tank007 E09

- Ultralight Q5 SK68 clone

  • Convoy C8 AK47 (XML2 U2)

Now I am looking for a bigger impressive Li-Ion powered flashlight (multiple 18650’s or eventually 26650’s), with a nice compromise between throw & flood. I prefer maximum ‘bang for buck’, as most people here I guess! $) All suggestions welcome!

Welcome to the forum jps! :party: Wish you many successful purchases & builds H)


Fun to see other dutchies around here!

Welkom bij BLF!

Tank 007 e09 is indeed a sweet light!

Small Sun ZYT-08, nice stock, fairly easy to mod…
SRK, awesome light.
You might consider the fandyfire yl u2, or solar storm warrior instead of an srk, for much nicer mode options…

Welkom bij BLF!

I'm more into small lights, so I leave it to others to give you advice on a big impressive light.

Thanks all for the warm welcome!
I’m not into modding yet, first I’ll have to feel the ‘need’, but I’m not afraid of soldering :slight_smile:

Nice to see other dutchmen at BLF; otherwise no big surprise, as this is a place to be!

I’ll check the suggested ‘big’ lights, but also recommendations for cheap SK68 alternatives are very welcome. I have read the single AA/14500 subforum, but it’s a bit quiet there. Maybe the SAIK 7W SA-9 CREE Q5 is a nice one?

/EDIT: Maybe a HD2010 would be nice? Or is this one in the same category as a C8 flashlight?

Have a nice time here, jps!

Join here, for a multicell, multiemitter light :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF, jps! :party:

From your list looks like you are already on the right path.

Welcome to the forum, enjoy!

@kodachrome40: Thanks, I try to do my research! H)

I am thinking along the same lines as you. I’ve done a lot of reading lately and I am thinking I might skip a couple of intermediate steps and go for the big guns!

I am thinking BTU Shocker!

Not cheap but more I read about it the more impressed I am. Ability to light up a large area/distance on command comes in handy. 8)

Hehe, the BTU shocker passed my radar also a few times :). I know a large reflector is necessary for maximum throw or great flood, but I would be more attracted by smaller designs that produce an unexpected bright throw/flood combination. Need to find affordable candidates though (maybe this one?). Maybe such a flashlight is unavailable because of the heat enemy J)

Before deciding on a big one, I think of playing around with a few smaller ones:

1) I’d like to order some more AA-compatible SK68’s multimode clones to have in & around the house. I see most of them advertised as Q5 (bin), but what exact Cree led do they have? Can anyone enlighten me?
2) For now, I like zoomies and am thinking of a 18650 zoomy such as the Jacob A60 or UniqueFire UF T20

Received the Convoy C8 today, quite fast. I’ll continue here!