Hi from Israel

Hey everyone,
I’ve been following this forum for a while, and I finally signed up since I want to join the OL contest :slight_smile:

That is a entry :wink:
Welcome to BLF and enjoy your stay here :wink:

Here is the link of this year’s OL Contest:

Take a look at the rules and don’t forget to announce your entry there :+1:

And…for your username, can we expect an “iron made” flashlight? :smiley:


Welcome! Make yourself at home, would you like a coffee?

Welcome fellow Middle Eastern! There are not much of us here.

Welcome to BLF FearOfTheDark and good luck with the OL contest.

Brucey & crew says, “Hi and welcome to BLF from Indonesia.” :smiley:

Thanks for joining the party, FearOfTheDark!