Hi from Montreal

I am new to this forum (only discovered it 3 days ago). I already have ordered the BLF A6 and 2 Astrolux A01.
The Q8 is tempting but I might wait for another BLF product in the future.

Hi and welcome NotSoBrightGuy. The Q8 is my go to light now. Enjoy the stay.

It's good to have you here, NotSoBrightGuy!

Welcome from Ottawa.

Welcome from BC.

Welcome fellow Québécois !

You should not wait to buy the Q8. That’s a great light.

The Q8 is tempting but it seems I have missed the group buy at 40$ US. Next option is the promo code from M4DM4X at 64-65$ Cad on Gangbang, sorry I mean Banggood….am I right?

See https://m4dm4x.com/blf-q8-arrived/

That’s 61.45$ CAD, which is ~ 10$ more than the group buy price. Well worth it imo.


Hey welcome to BLF! Oh I’m pretty sure you will be ordering that Q8 soon… :smiley:

Welcome to the light

Salut je serai bientôt à drummondville. Espère te rencontrer. Je parle anglais epou françois.

Welcome to the Light Show!

You are moving from Australia to Drummondville, Quebec? If so, it is a bold move. Welcome to our country.

I will work there as a truck mechanic. As a father I need to make sure my family gets what they need to survive and make sure my kids finish college. I am originally from the Philippines hope to meet you when you have the time.