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Just joined and looking forward to some decent chat on here.

Can anyone please put their suggestions forward for a torch no dearer than approx £90 and that is very floody (not interested in a tight hotspot). I did originally choose the SP36 but my other topic explains about that disaster with the shipment etc.

I have put a topic in foreign sellers forum.

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How about the Emisar D18? Do you have any size requirements?

The Emisar is great, make sure you buy decent cells and it will keep your hands warm as a bonus :+1:

Thanks guys and if Milla Jovovich is on here I’m sure I will have a good time :slight_smile:

Size isn’t an issue really as I used to carry an old 6 cell maglite. I will go and check out the emisar now!

Where might I be able to purchase this if I choose to go with it?

Also, I have some brand new 18650 button top unprotected batteries but I am not sure if they are high drain or not. The D18 specifies high drain. I don’t want to be spending any more on batteries really.

intl-outdoor for the light

What’s the make and model of your batteries?

You can purchase direct from the manufacturer, Hank - https://intl-outdoor.com/emisar-d18.html


Goose summed it up before I could write it!

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Greetings from the North Norfolk Coast :slight_smile:

The Sp36 BLF is a very nice light, (avoid BG and GB if possible, unless you like to gamble)
Could you define how floody it needs to be? The sp36 is a good balance between throw and flood.

Otherwise, get an Emisar D4Sv2

Thank you everyone for the info. Much appreciated! Really like the look of that torch though, great suggestion!

The batteries are unbranded (didn’t know any better) 4000mah 3.7v.

I see they have 30q batteries on there but I have seen them much cheaper elsewhere but if someone has a link that would be great.

Thanks mate, may be see you around sometime!

I wouldn’t trust those batteries if I were you. No 18650 is currently rated for 4000mah, so they’re lying about that.
For batteries in the uk I mainly use either https://www.ecoluxshopdirect.co.uk/ or https://18650.uk/ Both trustworthy sites selling genuine batteries.

I live in Beccles so not far from you.
Have you tried www.flashaholics.co.uk ? They have some Eagtac’s in their sale section maybe what your looking for?
Very fast delivery and service.

I use torchy (seller:big_f_d_d) on eBay for UK, he’s also a member here and does his own tests.

https://eu.nkon.nl/ Is good for EU cells, fast delivery.

You want flood? Jaxman Z1.

You’ll thank me later.

Welcome! Good to have some more folk from the UK on board, there’s a few of us lurking around now.

Like it’s been mentioned, ecolux shop or 18650.uk (join the newsletter there’s 18 - 20% discounts most fridays, or use the BLF10 10% discount) are both good sellers of batteries.

Flashaholics.co.uk are fast delivery (also the code: CPF gives 7% discount).

I prefer 18650.uk over ecoluxshop. Also if you use the code 18650 you get 18.5% off.

I just checked which 18650.uk codes are working:

BLF10 = 10%
18650 = 18.65%
BOO = 20%
iloveweekends = 20%

These all work ok at the moment!