Hi from Scotland

Hi there,

I'm another disenchanted CPF forum member. The constant deletion of threads and over moderation of anything that may effect their income stream is a joke. Odds on I'll get banned on there for saying that here.

Anyway, this seems much more relaxed and realistic than CPF. Thanks for having me...

Oh and your forum layout is much nicer....and probably open source ;)

Welcome and enjoy your stay here. :)

Hiya SquidBoy and Welcome. Things are pretty relaxed here. Btw, your post has automatically been forwarded to greta, kestrel, dm51....They're sending a hit squad out now...

Hi Squidboy

Welcome to BLF

Whereabouts in Scotland? I'm in Aberdeen.

Ah trick question so the CPF 'cleaners' can find me, hold on must change my location to Darkest Peru.

Which makes me think of Paddington Bear which makes me think of marmalade which makes me think of Dundee.

Have a good time here.

Aloha and welcome to BLF SquidBoy!

Hello & Welcome! :)

Why thank you! I'm glad you like it. I'm also a fan of open source software. We're on Drupal 6 here.

Welcome to BLF Squidboy! I hope you can enjoy your hobby here without restrictions! Thanks for joining.

Welcome Squidboy´╝ü

Hi squidboy

i am in scotland to west-lothian