Hi from Tasmania (Australia)

Just found my way down this far in the forum.......Lots of reading here. I'm a farmer, and battling a developing flashlight addiction. Only a few so far, but my 'wish lists' are growing rapidly.

Yo Tas. Good to have you here!

Speaks someone who remembers the years that involved crystal meth.

30 years ago.

Welcome Tas62. How about sharing that "wish list" and we'll see if we can talk you into a few :)

Say Mate... its all over for you. Once the bug bites, there's no way of getting rid of it (just ask anyone here). Be that as it may, WELCOME to BLF! You're ganna love your new addiction.

Welcome .... Still cool in Tas ?

Yeah , watch out , its an addiction , the only fix , buy another light !

I've been eyeing off those XM-L's at KD....and I really like the look of the RL-2088 at MF <$90 ( http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/ultrafire-rl2088-sst50-3mode-memory-led-flashlight-318650-p-5119 ) If it had the SST-90 I reckon it would be a truly great light.

I'm not even going to mention those Flydragon SST-90's, let alone their SST-360's ;)

Heck no............it was almost 24 here yesterday (but only 13 today)

Thanks for the friendly welcome guys.

Hi there Tas, welcome to the forum! We're glad to have you. Enjoy your time here, and please let us know how your lights perform down under!

Aloha and welcome to BLF Tas62!

Welcome! :)