Hi from UK....

Hi, i just joined today after recently getting an interest in flashlights again.

I bought an older custom / modded flashlight.

Im trying to get to grips with the driver so that i can adjust the output levels.

What section should i ask do you think ?

Its a h17f driver with triple 219c.

The current 4 output leves dont suit me.

The lowest setting is incredibly low and the highest makes the small flashlight get hot within seconds.

So i would like to even out the 4 outputs to make them more practical.

thanks for reading

Welcome to BLF xellos99 :wink:

Seems like you have a great driver in your light!
I’ll leave here the cheatsheet of the driver so you can check the instructions and chose the levels you prefer :wink:

You can skip moonlight and choose other higher levels.

When you want to ask something , pick the “category” (Categories - BudgetLightForum.com) you fell your question fits into, and it will show in the 1st page of the forum. People will surely reply then :wink:


Welcome follow Englishman! I hope you have been making use of the foggy weather.

Welcome along! Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

What’s the host?


Show us the host!

Here you can find all the info you need

I hope you have fun here, xellos99!

This :

You have old McGizmo Aleph 19 converted to triple.


i like it, very good EDC size.