Hi Guys, what is your favourite flashlight brand?

Nitecore,Xtar,Ultrafire or sth else? :glasses:

I like Sunwayman. Well made and good customer service too.

I would like to own a Surefire, I am told they make you immortal, and cure any illness. But I have to put my house on the market first, to raise the cash to buy one.

98% of my lights are Nitecore. Well for now anyway.

Dont you think Nitecore is a little bit expensive. :wink:

Fenix, it never lets me down, and I have an almost 10 year history of using their lights.

I bought the HC50 Nitecore Headlamp here at BLF (following the advice and links), I love the thing and think that it is close to a Fenix.

I am huge Solarforce fan. I can mix and match hosts/drop-ins, build any module myself and the quality of the hosts is good enough for me.

Given my regular travel across international borders I can just throw a Solarforce, a few 18650s and my MC plus into the suitcase and I am good to go! No TSA agent has ever asked any questions after screening these items.

Larger/heavier electronics wouldn’t be suitable for my travel needs.

Where can i get that?

I'm a Sunwayman fan.

But I think the best service and best brand on the planet is MBI.

Small company, great support, innovative ideas, built from scratch, greatest precision, and simply an awesome guy.

Cool. What do you think about Fenix? is it better than Nitecore?


Yeah, i saw Solarforce, have to say it is good, mostly it has good looking. seems cool 8)

I’m not an expert so I seek good buys on Fenix because it is safe and solid. If I had to make a guess, or a 50/50 choice, then I would assume the Fenix quality is a little higher than Nitecore, Fenix has been phenomenal for me in long term durability.

I do love my HC50, and I don’t see where it would fail, the same goes for my Olight i6, in other words, I can only give impressions of the layman, with no expert opinion.

I’m surprised no one said Convoy

That is great describe and opinion. Maybe i give it a go for Fenix. Seems it is great one. :wink:

Never owned one. Just won the lightscastle coupon a few weeks back and expecting my first ever Convoy (S2+) in the mail any day now… will report back after receiving/testing :slight_smile:

I think once you get to a certain level they are pretty similar. Currently I favour Olight but last year it was Fenix. I also am very happy with every Nitecore and Thrunite light I have ever purchased in the past though. I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of those brands.

Yeah, Thank you.

SUREFIRE with older logo

Noctigon and of the more common brands Nitecore and EagleTac.