Hi i am jorn369 waiting on lucpeeters



Contact me on this email: jornhermans@acb-team.nl


+1 :D

Curiosity killed the cat! But seriously, what?

Hi. I am Jack's raging bile duct. :D

This is funny.

I'm wondering how many "what?"s it will need until we get an answer?

So in case I was not totally clear in my above post: What?

[quote=Oxy Moron]

Hi. I am Jack's raging bile duct. :D


LMAO! That earned the "Coffee Spit Award" for this morning!


He should have never bought the thing in the 1st place. Almost 300usd for a clone of some phone? Seriously?!?

Nice find, arenat. Now things actually make sense. Good luck Jorn369.

Ah, now it all makes sense!

Aloha and welcome to BLF Jorn369! Hopefully you will catch the light bug and join us in our sanatorium ; )

Ah, BLF - the place where the truth reveals!

Good luck Jorn369!

Who? :D

Huh? Is this spam or not?

No it is no spam, he is waiting for someone to give him advice about the customs law in Belgium. The customs officers there are about to destroy an order from DX of several hundred $. Oldienea gave them the tip to meet here, because DX forums doesn't allow to exchange personal information in their forum. Arenat posted the link to the disturbing story in post #7.

Yeah it looks like the customs are claiming it has an illegally high 2.4ghz signal and are going to keep it for them selves... err I mean destroy it.

I've never heard about that happening to an iPad, even though all of the ones imported from the US were illegal for the same reason.