Hi, new here! .. Flashie since 2013

Hi, I have lurking for a while here and decided to finally join…

Have bought my first proper flashlight ca. 2013, it was a Fenix E11. Still have it! - It was great to finally get a great light after having suffering with those cheap unreliable 9-led 3xAAA cage lights for much too long…

Then over time some more arrived… Fenix LD01, Thrunite T10S, Thrunite Ti3, Thrunite Ti5, LED Lenser P2 AFS, Inova XS, Olight I3s EOS (lost), Wowtac A2s…

My EDC is my trusty 2014 Thrunite T10S in NW… love it! – Usually I also carry one or two another AAA lights, just for the fun of it… and whatever other light I find when I change my coat :wink:

My latest addition is a Singfire 348 I bought on ebay, but sadly got a cool white one… right now on the hunt for the BLF348 with the Nichia219b emitter… seems difficult to find these days. If anybody has an idea where I can still find the real deal, I would be very grateful… I developed a taste for warmer, natural lights and don’t have a nichia light yet.

Will probably buy another 18650 light soon, probably the BLF A6 - open for suggestions, though! Winter is coming, so I definetely need some more light(s) in my life.


Hi lightboks,
Welcome to BLF, where everything is cheap and your wallet always empty.
Here’s the 348-Nichia: https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_554386.html?wid=1433363#goodsDetail

Thrunite T10S - Awesome choice!

Thanks. Yes - it is my favourite light. I have the Xp-G2 one. Very beautiful. I am very happy I have one, when I wanted to buy a backup I was hesitant too long, cause hey it cost 40 euros at the time… now it is discontinued and V2 is out… still thinking if I should get the V1 aluminium one…

I grabbed the T10T when it first came out and then the later XP-L version. They are among my favorite lights. I kick myself a little for not grabbing the steel version when it was out.

the XP-L is the black one, right? I read it is a bit brighter but also cooler tinted?

I bought the steel in the warmer tint. I thought a little weight to it would be nice. I think it’s perfect and I have it clipped in my jeans next to my wallet every single day (except in this brutal summer when I had to wear beltless shorts for 2 weeks, was too heavy)

hehe. just ordered the XP-L T10 in NW on amazon.de for 20 euros… only 5 left now :smiley: sigh… there goes the money… probably the best way to celebrate that I eventually registered on a flashlight forum.

thanks for the blf348 link. I saw that, but I read they put different LEDs (N219c) in these lights now… will order one anyway, just to see. Maybe I am lucky.

You're going to love it here, lightboks!

thank you, knife and raccoon lady…

will post some raccoon pics from the central european raccoon empire as soon as I figured out how to upload media on this forum.


Here's a thread on how to post pics on BLF:


And sadly, I am not female.

The titanium light originally had an XP-G2, later they released it with an XP-L.

I remember the XP-L was over 250 lumen or something like that… can’t wait till my aluminium T10 comes, then I can compare :wink: Will be my new beater light.