Hi..newbie collector from singapore here

Hi im kenn from singapore and i like to collect budget flashlights and folding knives…currently i have 2 budget flashlights a ultrafire and a zoomable Q3 flashlight…i collect budget knives from china too namely SRM,Enlan and Ganzo…

Hey Kenn, welcome to BLF and enjoy your stay! There are quite a few of us from Singapore here also, don’t be shy!

Hi and welcome kenn. What lights are on your shopping list?

Hi Kenn! Welcome to BLF! :party:

Welcome to the family, Kenn! You came to the right place if you wish to collect budget lights and knives. How your wallet while you can! ;)

Welcome. Enjoy the journey.

Wo ye shi chong xin-jia-poh lai de!

But true blue Aussie now, haha.

I hope you have fun here, XkennX!

Welcome to BLF!


Thanks guys…very friendly ppl around here…this forum is great for finding mods for my maglite…but too bad its hard to mod it locally due to availability and legality issues here…

Hi MRsDNF. current not intending to buy anymore lights…im tempted to mod my maglite into either a zoomable led or a 1w laser…both are so cool haha

What maglite do you have? Let me know if you need any help with modding.


Welcome :slight_smile:

Well come to all of you.


the big maglite 3d…is too big for edc use and not as bright at my C8…so now its just sitting in the cupboard…

and thanks for all the welcome guys… :bigsmile:

Im on ultra low budget cuz im just a poor university student lol

Welcome to the forum