Hi, thanks for the information overload

I stumbled across this forum whilst looking for a bike light, I heard of the ssc P7 lights and wanted to know if they were a good buy. Looking at about £50 for a bike specific light from HK, seemed a bit steep but if they were the beans then so be it. Then I started reading on here and CPF, plus a whole bunch of other pages of information. So after a week or so of data overload I've ordered a KD C8 XML, and a Sipik SK68 (clone ?) off ebay. Couldn't help myself, as a self-confessed tech junkie, if it's good tech and good value I'll buy it (or make it).

My other recent projects include modding my 12v bosch combi drill to run off two 10.8v li-ion bosch screwdriver batteries - it goes like the clappers in series and melts wires in parallel, and my 120 C auto-filling steam kettle - makes awsome frothy coffee from instant.

So thanks again for the brilliant info on these incredible and cheap torches, I'll let you know what I think when they turn up.

ttfn - Al

Glad to have you here. Yeah, there is a lot more to know than you would think. Let us know what you think of your lights when you get them!

Hi there, welcome! Thanks for sharing in the fun here, I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for the welcome, itching to get my hands on my new toys :)

thanks for your sharing, welcome!