Hi there!!

Hello everyone!

My name is Daniel, and I am from Madrid, Spain.
I started collecting flashlights and reading about them about 5 years ago, and I must have more than 60 flashlights by now. So I guess it was about time to finally join you, and make my mental sickness official :joy:

Glad to be meet you all, folks!

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Hello Ahoravasylocascas, welcome to BLF.

If you think we have the cure for your sickness, you’re wrong :wink:

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It’s a pleasure to have you onboard, Ahoravasylocascas!

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Welcome. To get to know you better, what are your favorite light(s) ?

BTW, it is only a sickness if you admit it… :japanese_ogre:
Take me for instance, I have purchased 12 lights in the last week… but I am NOT an addict… :laughing:

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It’s difficult to just choose one favorite flashlight but I can mention few, each one because of a different reason: Acebeam E70, Emisar D4K dual channel, Fenix E18R v2.0 and Rovyvon Aurora A2x.


All great lights. You like small lights it seems. Check out some of the discussion(s) going on about the Wurkkos TS10 that are ongoing. People seem to love them… including me.

The first step in curing your sickness is to buy more lights… :upside_down_face:

Again, welcome!

Welcome to BLF Ahoravasylocascas!

60+ flashlights, WOW! :sunglasses:

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I already bought yesterday the Titanium TS10 Blue oxidized :see_no_evil:

Thanks again!

Hi & greetings from Poland

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You should read this thread:

Good info there.

Thanks, buddy!