Hi to all

Dear all:

I am Candy from Focalprice.com, a Chinese online store selling many kinds of nice stuff.

I am new to BLF, in the near future, I will share more related to flashlights products and offer some discounts and coupons.

Hope we can keep a good relationship, if you have any questions related to our sites ,I am here waiting to help you to solve the problems . I will try my best to solve all the problems appeared...



Hi Candy

Thanks for showing up here on BLF and welcome. It can be very advantageous to have a representative from a vendor on site to help with issues related to the vendors site.

Welcome to BLF


Thanks for understanding ,I will cherish this

Hi Sunday

welcome to blf

Thanks edc

Nice to have you here Candy. :wink:

Welcome. Now let's see a group buy on a great deal.

Candy, welcome to BLF! It's always good to have a vendor liaison on the board. Hope we can do business in the future. :)


Hi Candy. The presence of official store representatives in this board is very much encouraged and warmly welcomed. It can make or break your company's reputation.

Now a picture of you wouldn't be bad. (just kidding )

Yes, every week I will post some discounts on some lights related products ,hope you will benefit from this

LOL, I have changed the image to my photo ,haha, not very pretty

naa you are very nice, honesty is ever appreciate, you was able of put the photo of a super sexy young chinese baby and sell TONS of flashlights xD

about FP I ever had very good experience but I stop buy when I received from WSdeal a solar charger with an hole in the lipo battery pack...

mod: sry im so rude.. welcome Candy

I think honesty is the crucial important thing,everyone will have its idea about our company,bad or good,I will cherish everyone's opinion, we will try our best to satisfy every customer,impove our work, so thanks so much for your supporting

I'm doing this publicly because you're right here on the forum asking for it .. I have contacted you privately as well . I ordered 24 c-3 ultrafire stainless steel lights boght and paid for them and you guys shipped me the wrong items .. instead you sent me 24 junk UV lights worth about 20% of what the ultra-fire lights were worth .. the shipping on this was 25 $..i wanted what i paid for not some garbage lights . i've asked you repeatedly to take care of a problem that you caused ..there is no reason I should pay huge shipping again for items that were wrongly sent by you ..

I say this here in front of about 4000 witnesses and openly ask you will you take care of the problem yes or no...Easy ..YES or NO ..?

People can say i got greedy or was trying to take advantage of the fact your prices were wrong etc .. It was a flashlight for half price .. forgive me for stepping up and pulling the trigger .

I'd like to see your company clean up it's act ...If not I'll be going Agenthex on you.

In my opinion this issue should be addressed immediately or undoubtedly your stay here at BLF will not be fruitful at all.


If Focalprice.com does not ship Boaz the correct product or offer an immediate full refund, I and several others will alert thousands of others not to shop at your company. We need your immediate resolution to this problem now before your company reputation is destroyed. We also need to know that Focalprice.com will pay return shipping if it wants the incorrect order back.

We need your response now Candy.

Thank you

Damn, He pulled the Agenthex card right off the bat! Like Deon says "It's on!"

The drama begins. I have a feeling Ms. Candy will flee faster than speed of light.