Another one from Scotland. So happy to find forums like these exist.

My interest is in green light for hunting, at least that's where I'm starting....

Thanks for being here.

Welcome to BLF, Scuttle! :party:

Welcome to BLF! You may start off with green lights for hunting, but who knows where you'll end up!


Cats are great, I share with 3 ferals that decided a warm stove and a cashmere cushion was more inviting than the great outdoors.

Where I end up is what's worrying my wallet!


if you need a green handheld check the Brinyte BR01:

Looks like a C8, but it’s actually a bit smaller.

The Brinyte 900 also on that site is a bigger thrower. Some mount them on rifles.

welcome to BLF and get ready to part with your money :smiley:

Oh wow! Do they let you fuss them?

Welcome to BLF :smiley:

This is your new home, Scuttle!

Welcome to the family, Scuttle! There is a whole lot here that will help you on your journey. :)

Welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks Haterade - I already have 2 greens on order - WF-501B Cree Q5 230lm & WF-501B XR-E G2 150lm, from different suppliers. They will be my baseline to compare to when deciding what I want to build. I'm already thinking about the Luminus Devices SST-90-G 1485lm, but thats for another thread. I won't know what I want/need to build until I try my first lights.

Cloe - they don't let you, they DEMAND it.

Awww! So feral but demanding! That’s really nice they aren’t too scared of you.


I don’t have hands on experience with the WF-501B but I hear they have poor thermal management. Might want to add some alu foil or copper tape or some other metal to fill the gap between the body and the drop-in.

Hi and welcome!