Another member from CPF... I found this after just ordering an EZAA clone/copy/unbranded light. I have too many I guess...


Welcome, Mundele.

Welcome to BLF, mundele!

I hope you enjoy your stay. I really like it here.

Naw . . . mundele sounds for real and we're glad to have him. (or her)


hullo! nice to have another person here!

Welcome to BLF.

What's a "nospammafoy"? Yep I'm real. I've lurked a bit but decided to create an account.

--Matt. (see, I even have a name)

hi matthew,


i call myself kreisler

how many lights you got?

( ill be owning 7-8, depending on how you count quarks )

Join the club.

We all have too many lights

Welcome , Matt .

Welcome to BLF Matt

Hi, Matt! Welcome to BLF!!

Welcome Matt!

Welcome to the forum, Matt.

Welcome to BLF Matt

Welcome to BLF!

Hi Matt,

Welcome to the forum. We've had an influx of spammers lately, and some folks might have been a bit trigger-happy. :)

Enjoy your stay. What kind of lights are your favorites?

Thanks everyone. My favorite lights. I like LEDs in "normal people" battery types (AA, AAA, etc). My best is a Zebralight H51W which I got pretty recently, I also have a nitecore D10 that I got a few years ago. Those are my nicest. I have a few others too. I check back into LED technology every few years and I'm amazed at what kinds of output and tint you can get from puny little batteries and really cheap LEDs. Pretty amazing considering what was considered "state of the art" just a few years ago.


That's a very nice selection of lights.

I would say the SOTA right now is the Cree XM-L led. It has amazing efficiency, and can be run to 3A+ for 1000 lumen with the right bin. All of that for nine bucks !!!

If you don't have an XM-L light yet, I would look there first.