Since I am now riding my bicycle at night, I eased into some cheap lights of ebay. I really like the cheapos.. ;)

I started with $2.00 lights, and I am now up to $5 and $6 lights and loving every bit of it.

Now, I am looking at the Ultrafire 502b, 501b, and 504b.. As an upgrade..

Cheers, and happy flashing...


Welcome to BLF, cehoward! Fellow cyclist here, more of a refuge from mtbr forums since the night riding season has died down a bit. Flashlights are a whole different world.

Hi welcome

I'm not expert on mounts or bikelights but you can take 504 xml TF flame batteries and charger for 26$ using the coupon oneworldweshare, for less light but more throw and autonomy can take an XPG was 10$ the 504b with that led on Dinodirect time ago

or up the budget and take a C8

Welcome to BLF cehoward

Welcome to BLF! I love riding my bicycle at night , with my hid headlight

Welcome to BLF another night rider here I love the illusion of speed I get riding in the dark.

Thanks much to all..

The night/morning dark ride is sweet with ample lights. I plan on running double flashlights up front, one on helmet, and double bright blinkees in the back, plus a blinky on the back of my helmet too.

We gotta be seen... :)

BTW, after just a couple hours of reading some threads, I have already eyes on more flashes.. :)


Welcome cehowardGS. I'm afraid if it doesn't have an engine, I don't ride it unless someone else is pushing it...

Have fun here.

I do

Hiya Don, thanks for the welcome.. To tell the truth, I am easing down off the speed thing. Hence the bicycle.. Nice way to calm me down after doing this...:) I am up front, #630... :)



The force is strong in this spammer....

I am going to suggest a C8 for your handlebar .

And welcome .