HID flashlights

So, i was looking at the stanley HID flashlight from walmart


reason is, i could not successfully get my H3 HID swap on my other stanley spotlight to work.

(the back of the H3 xenon bulb was too long, and hit the battery, making it impossible to fit properly, funny cause the slim ballast fit no problem!)

anyone have experience with these? its only 70 bux, but id like to get one or make one cheaper!

(i already have DDM tuning h3 4500k 35 watt HID bulbs and ballasts)

I have that DDM tuning kit in my car

The Stanley is well regarded as being a great spotlight for the price. there are numerous threads about it at cpf. Any time someone brings up most lumens for the dollar threads, the Stanley always is put on the list by someone. I personally don't own one. here's one of the cpf threads:


I just wish you could get the stanley light over here in the UK

Simple method is to buy one of the cheap (And usually illegal) HID headlamp kits and fit the bulb and ballast into something more useful.

thats what i was doing don lol

but they dont fit in my stanley!

btw i have the DDM large ballasts on my civic now cause they seemed more reliable, course the new ones are WICKED nice. they changed the new slim ballast, and its worth EVERY penny

i guess ill just stop at walmart and pick up the Stanley HID spotlight.

There are small ballasts available - though I can't remember where from memory. Lanterns are usually the best bet for such mods - I have a Vector "3 million" CP light I keep meaning to do this to.

Should have paid more attention to the first post, it seems that this was what you were already trying to do.

Out of curiosity, why would HID headlamp kits be illegal?

Beam pattern, output. In the EU 60/55W xenon bulbs are the maximum allowed - you can fail the roadworthiness test ("MoT" in the UK) for the wrong beam pattern. Most of them don't come close to the allowed beam pattern.

If you really want I can quote the 450 pages of UK regulations on car headlamps. Exhaustively!

My father was a judge and has a full set of the legal regulations. They weigh about the same as the hound.

Around 110lbs. (50kg)

No need for the 450 page qoute Don. Laughing Thanks though.

mainly, u blind people.

only HID projectors are designed for the optics of Xenon Discharge bulbs. simple as that

any other reflector/projector/refractor just shoots light where it shouldnt go