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Hi guys,

I might been new to you… but you’re not new to me! I’ve been using this forum for the last 2? Years…

In short; I’m always walking every night in the dark with my hunting dog. So I’ve picked up first a ledlenser mt14… but does not suits my needs. This was the moment I found BLF! My second was a sofirn sp70… but way to big and use it more as an emergency light at home when we have a power down… or additional light for the swimming pool lol.

Then I got the Acebeam l35 which broke in 4 weeks, acebeam l19 replacement which is great… more fun.

I wanted flood and throw combined so I bought the wurkos ts30s with the sbt90 led… which is amazing and use it daily as we speak.

Problem is; my dog see the animals as foxes and other wild… plus I get annoyed by bugs.

This gave me the opportunity (wife) to order two lights from Hank with some custom setup (d4k)

W1 Red (osram CSLNM1.23)

Green(with threaded, FLAT switch retaining)
Channel 1
W1 Red (osram CSLNM1.23)
Channel 2
W1 Amber

Let’s see what this brings :wink: I couldn’t find any video/post on “greater big internet” with this setup and you guys might be interested to see what it does.

I am just doubting my wurkkos 21700 would work on these or need to buy the Samsung 40t ish… Mollicell.

Have a great day!

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Very nice, Welcome on BLF !

I was watching you this whole time… L☻L !

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Hey there, great to have you officially here now! Thanks!

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Sounds like a good plan! Have fun testing it.

And yes, welcome aboard… officially!

I am a firm believer in the 40T, amazing cell and often found quite cheap on sale, surprisingly enough!

Have you seen the dog collar lights? I can imagine it would help to be able to visually track your dog if he managed to get loose and give chase.

Foxes, lol. My big Lab wholeheartedly believed he could catch a fox. It was hilarious watching the fox teach him otherwise!

Edit: pretty sure your dog can see the animals regardless of your light choice.

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My dog does catch the fox… rabbits and all other.

I’ve got a GPS tracker (Dogtrace) having red leds to be seen :wink:

Little example what kind of walks we do haha

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That’s pretty cool!

I’ve had a really fast dog before, my Lab … Shadow… is not all that. He was thundering down on the fox like a freight train, low and determined. Sounded like a horse running. The fox waited until he was within about 10-15 yards then shot away so fast Shadow completely lost him! Fox, across the road and 40 yards away, slowed and looked back laughing. I about fell down laughing so hard.

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found a shot with the fox! (L19)

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Those night walks with a potent light taught me some things about foxes. They’re more feline than canine, incredibly agile, fully capable of running around in a tree like it was made for em!

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Yes and they’re agile and bloody fast. My dog runs 50kmh and can’t keep up. Amazing creatures but not so shy here… :slight_smile: night walks gives you another view in the world.

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Coyotes get away from human ASAP, but I’ve had the foxes circle me and close in behind me in the dark. They can be overhead on a shop light, standing on a fence rail, in a tree, really anywhere!

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We had a mated pair of foxes have a litter in our shed, basically a storage area for farm equipment with a hay loft but fully enclosed. The female and her little mini-me’s would stay alert but not run away under the spotlight ( kept low on purpose) but the male would circle and close to be ready to defend. He’d get within 20’ of me on occasion! Normally they weren’t so shy that being 15-20 yds away was a problem. The pups were adorable! Carbon copies of they’re parents of course but so little! It was fun seeing their playfulness but I would walk away pretty quickly so as not to disturb them.

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It’s nice to see you, Ortix!

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I’ve received some custom lights from Hank.

Dt8k with w1 red (spot optic) and sst40 red with flood optic…

But also:

D4k with w1 amber, w2 green leds and 10622/10621 optics (completely different light!)
Dm11 with w2 red

I barely use my l18 and ts30s anymore :man_facepalming::joy: