High Amp McClicky Tail-Switch Alternative???

Hi all. Keeping it short and sweet here. It’s common knowldge that McClicky’s max out at 5amp before they start melting (typical use case in triple/quad setups)

Surely there’s a direct replacement for these great switches that can handle higher amperage? Perhaps even one that shares the same thread.

If not can somebody please advise on how to mod the McClicky swith to hadnly higher amps? Im currently on my 5th switch and replacing it isgetting old fast.


A bypass wire should increase McClicky few amps…

This switch was modified by Randy Brodgen of PFlexPro, no longer in business.
However, with a little talent you should be able replicate.
The tip is a pressed copper cap pre tinned. You can just flow solder at the tip. And, if soldering applies too much heat at retaining clip and melts plastic I’d just tuck in the wire under the clip

Afaik, there is no driect swap switches to replace mc’clicky, bypass only helps to overcome spring resistance, and has no effect on actual switch contacts. does not increase max current. I have numerous times used 10A judco switches, but it is not an easy 123 swap, some fabrication/modification is required.

There was a fella in the Philippines who use to mod a Judco replacement epoxied into a McClicky threaded brass ring for Z41 caps

The wire bypass reduces excessive spring heat

DellSuperman came up with his 10A Judco switch McClicky mod.

I still have one in a 6P w/FET light.

VestureOfBlood/Matt talks about it in a video here.

Years ago Tofty offered really nice clicky switches designed for 10+ amps. I’m not sure how much he documented about its fabrication but if I recall it was a beast.