High end exotic EDC's (pic heavy)

I have compiled a few pics of high end lights i like the look of. Most cost more than i’m willing to part with but i can dream…

Hope nobody takes offence to poetic license of these pics. Enjoy…

Nice pics!

Since some Chinese companies copy anything they can, maybe they can make a cheap copy of some of these beautiful flashlights?

(With cheaper materials, of course.)

Drool Drool!

My heart is feeling compressed :open_mouth:

So many lights, so few money :money_mouth_face:

Nice pics, thanks!

High end jewelry lights/USA made semi-custom high end lights/Cu,Ti,SS lights are an area that I have not entered yet. But I do enjoy seeing and reading about other areas of the hobby that other people enjoy.

Yesterday I ordered Emisar D4V2 and Lumintop FW3A, the FW modded with triple W2.1, and the D4 with quad W2 and throw optics, but plain jane black aluminum. 29 of my lights are black aluminum, one is cerakoted aluminum.

Thanks again!

Flashlight porn :laughing:

I’m surprised a FocusWorks Eryx F1 wasn’t in the collage. The dragon scale machining is divine. I scored one of his Echo’s when he decided to discontinue them, and blew them out cheap.

When I first saw the focusworks I didn’t like the look of it but having another look at it now I’ve changed my mind. I do like it :smiley: :beer:

Drool…… :stuck_out_tongue: There’s some moneys worth there PP lol!

Great collection of pics :slight_smile:

I’m especially drooling over some of the knife and flashlight combos!

Beautiful lights indeed.
Any link where we can find them?

I don’t have links. Best bet is to right click a pic and search Google.

I can name some of the makers but not all of them

Breathtaking! Nice share, thank you. Wow.

These lights are all absolutely beautiful. I’ve seen many of them around, all with insane price tags that I can no way justify :frowning:

I really like the Lumintop LM10 - not as exotic as these but still unique… Just a bit steep still, though!

PP some of those are on par with your lights.

Yeh, I have a hard time justifying the $$$. I’d like to think if I ever saw something I really really like then maybe I could cough up $ but then when something like that does comes up for sale all I do is cough. I do admit since having a lathe and being able to make stuff my fist has an even harder time letting go of my money :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s kind of you to say. I don’t put myself in this league rather use them as inspiration :heart_eyes: For those that don’t make stuff that might not sound right but the difference is I know every little detail and therefore every little flaw in my own lights :zipper_mouth_face:

With so many exotic stuff above, I am not sure if these are there:

Brand: Rotablade , from the UK

Distinct lack of Reaver Arms Citadel: http://www.reaverarms.com/citadel/

Looking at those Sinners above reminds me how impatient I am. I can’t wait for mine to finally come in. :frowning: