High Output/Throw light?

So I’ve been eyeing up an XHP70 “thrower” light by a manufacturer that rhymes with space team, but I’m not sure about the potential issues with its battery carrier and discharging. I don’t want to bash them or cause arguing, just to say that lead me to look into other XHP70 lights designed somewhat for throw.
I think with my tax return I want a custom light maybe. I checked out some of Vinhs stuff, but I wondered if anyone had any recommendations of other guys that would maybe build or sell lights, or maybe even a good stock high output somewhat “thrower” light.
My current “big” lights are a tn32ut and tn36ut, both ends of the spectrum, and I bought my dad a tn35 with the MTG-2. I really like that, but, it’s his lol and something like a tk75 or kay60 with crazy lumens and prett decent cd is what I’m looking for. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I’ll sell you my modded Courui, so I can buy something else ?? :bigsmile:

Go ahead, buy the Acebeam K60, it’s a good flashlight!

Yeah I think I might. That really fits the “big light” mold. And my Kronos x6/x5 come today!