High quality hosts for fairly cheap! Deal Alert!! Some WolfEyes AK6 discussion

Flashlightshop.de has often some nice deals around..

and if you are looking for modding some lights, they have a few good hosts on sale.

Some are in working order (new), some are used, and some don`t have any guts inside.. great for OL I suppose ;)

They aren`t as cheap as some Chinese flashlights, but they seem to be of high quality.

(Prices without Tax, for non EU resisdents, with tax +19%, before shipping cost)

NEW, in working order:

  • 4xAAA zoom Wolf Eyes AK4 XML-U2 looks possible to use with 26650

17Euro, 23USD link to picture http://www.wolf-eyes.com/images/AK4/AK4%20main%201.jpg

  • 6xAA Wolf Eyes AK6 with 6AA battery carrier, not sure if XML or MCE, but modding possibilities.. great looking pill.

17euro, 23USD

Search google for better pictures....they seem to be made pretty well!

Not working; Used, probably without leds etc..!?!?!

  • Bunch of Ledwave hosts. (6lights). some parts are missing: 25Euro 34USD
  • Wolf Eyes hosts (about 10).some parts probably missing.. . for 66euro, 90USD

Shipping is 5Euro

orders over 50euro apply for free shipping.

Could you check those links?
[edit]only the first 2 get me nowhere…[/edit]
[edit2]and the last one…[/edit2]
“Welcome, Please Sign In”

or does it mean sold out?

Yes.. thats what I mean with the hiccups... the site has some problems...

Go to the left panel, and click on Restposten/Neuware

and the one below, Restposten/Vorfuhrmodelle

its quite a terrible website, but you need some patience to get to the good deals :(


And now not one link seems to work… :smiley:

every other click it wants me to log in, its very annoying

Sorry about that.... its really their annoying website...

please go to the panel on the left, and search through there...

they are there, you just need some patience....

Ive been trying to order a light now for 15 minutes... but everytime get logged out... Stupid...

edit;; finally worked

Just ordered the AK6 6AA light..28USD incl sending

Looks pretty nice to me.

Look at that pill!!!


Also the AK 4, also has a wide voltage range..(4xAAA)

So maybe that can take something like 3 14500 cells.

If you look for wolf eyes, they usually are very expensive. These ak4 and an6 usually go for premium prices... $50++

The site is very wonky, but they have many interesting lights. Thanks for sharing this find.ChibiM. :slight_smile:

What a screwed up site.
I think I might have ordered an AK6, but I really won’t know until it gets here.

Ak 4


Super storm ii looks like this:

Wolf eyes boxer

I purchased a few Rofis lights last year from these guys. Great prices, but it did take awhile to get the site to do what I wanted but they shipped fast and everything worked out !

Yes, it's definitely a real shop.! I've bought a few lights as well, and received them in good order...

Nuts. Yesterday I ordered the AK6, today I ordered the Boxer host. I don’t have any idea what I’m going to do with it. I guess I’ll have to wait for a real life eyeball.

:) looking forward to seeing the boxer after your mod.

Thanks for the heads-up ChibiM.
I paid a total of €29.25 ($44.95 Canadian) for this Boxer host. I have a battery carrier for it already. All I need is an emitter and driver (maybe some custom modding).
I know I’ll be able to beat This DX Boxer in both lumens and price.

P.S. Both my lights have already been shipped, and have left the country.