Highest capacity NiMH AAA?

From time to time, I go on a 6 mile night walk with a walking group that I’m in. And I find that, for this particular walk, the light I enjoy using most is my Coast PX25. It just seems to be the right size, and puts out just the right amount of light (not too much, not too little). However, it has one SERIOUS drawback - it uses AAA batteries and the current draw is .6A. My Duraloops can make it through maybe 2/3 of the hike before they go dead. And changing batteries on a group hike in a light that uses a battery holder is just a pain in the butt. What I REALLY need is a higher capacity AAA battery. Is there anything out there that has an ACTUAL capacity of 1200 mAH (or greater)? Having a LSD battery is not important since I will simply charge the battery before the walk and drain it down during the walk.

I have been running my PX25 with Duracell 1000mah NiMhs.They have a green top instead of white but are still made in Japan cells.As memory serves me I am getting about 2 hrs. run-time out of it with those cells.I am not sure of any AAA with a higher real capacity……I’m sure if you look on E-bay someone will have some listed at 1500-2000 mah, but I wouldn’t believe it!

You might give Maha Imedion's a try. I think they test out just a little higher than Eneloops.

Darn. I can't find the link to the massive battery survey...

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Sanyo made-in-Japan 1000mAh AAA’s are quite nice. Not very high self discharge, high capacity, and low internal resistance - all you need in a flashlight.

Sounds like a 2 AAA light isn't the right light for the task .maybe a 2xAA is a better idea ..

Did you need a reason to buy another light ??

here's one ..

Actually, it’s 3xAAA.

Interestingly, 2xAAA would actually be a better bet for me. The BIG problem with the PX25 is the battery holder. It’s just REALLY hard to pull the thing out, extract each battery from the holder (which, since I don’t have long nails, requires either a dime or hitting the thing to make the battery drop out), and install the new batteries while walking. If it was just a matter of dumping the discharged batteries out of a tube and dumping in the charged batteries, it would actually be no problem. A good, bright penlight might work REALLY well here. Maybe a Nextorch K3?

I know LSD isn’t terribly important, but I was in a store yesterday and noticed that there are AAA eneloop XX’s available now. 950mAh vs. the standard 800 mAh eneloops