Hitech ic-808UL-LCD 8 Bank Smart Quick Charger


Hitech iC-808UL-LCD smart quick charger charges 1 to 8 units of AA and AAA Ni-MH/ Ni-CD rechargeable batteries in 1 to 6 hours. 8 individual charging channels with 8 LCD indicators showing charging status. Microprocessor controlled for fast and safe charging, with Negative delta Voltage (V) detection. Reverse polarity protection that prevents damaging the charger and batteries if batteries were installed incorrectly. Equips with smart features such as alkaline battery detection capability, temperature protection (to prevent overcharging), short circuit protection and safety timer function. iC-808UL-LCD supports universal voltage (100V-240V) and comes with a car DC charger. Excellent for digital cameras and portable electronics. Recommended to use with Yuasa AA and AAA rechargeable batteries (batteries not included). Charge current for AA size batteries: 500mA (max) Charge current for AAA size batteries: 250mA (max) *Charging Time: AA size battery (2000mAh) : 2 to 4 hours (1 to 4 cells for left and right compartment) AA size battery (2500mAh): 2.5 to 5 hours (1 to 4 cells for left and right compartment) AA size battery (2700mAh): 2.7 to 6 hours (1 to 4 cells for left and right compartment) AAA size battery (850mAh): 0.8 to 1.6 hours(1 to 4 cells for left and right compartment) AAA size battery (1000mAh): 1 to 2 hours (1 to 4 cells for left and right compartment) *Actual charging time may vary depending on the cell's discharge level, capacity and condition. Longer charging time may occur when the charger is used in the temperature above 35C.

Any feedback? Reviews seem encouraging, not only for this model but also for other chargers under this brand. It seems to do just what I'm looking for and the price is right. It only charges up to 500mA, but that's okay with me assuming it's still good on the cells. I won't need quick charging. I've read a post by HJK that 1.0A would be proper.

That definately looks like a sweet charger!

Can you find me one that takes Li-ion from 10440 up to 32650 and does proper CC/CV algorithm? And maybe a selectable termination voltage? And that shows the actual voltage for each individual channel?

WOW. Sorry about my rant. I just came here from one of those "what light would you like" threads and I just continued that pattern here.

Still - One can wish :-)

Now, that is certainly what I'm looking for, as well. I was wondering at what price point I have to get to in order to have that feature. It sure would be handy compared to using my DMM.

This is the same charger with a different name on it. Even the model number is similar.


I have this charger and it's an ok charger but doesn't charge real fast if I need batteries charged faster. Still, it does charge 8 at a time.

I didn't even realize it's the same as that Titanium Innovations model, but sure enough it must be. I already had that one bookmarked as well

I would just go with the Hitech in that case since it's cheaper when you add on shipping.

Guess with either charger it is not wise to discharge the cells til there dead, up to 8 hours to charge batts is a long time to wait. I say get either if you dont drain the cells fully, for that price especially.