HK battery Ban includes AA nimh ?

Wow , apparently the HK battery ban includes AA Nimh ... ????

I tried to order some AA and apparently NO !

Looks like HK/China has some sorting out to do ..

So for now it looks like we are back to overpriced batteries ...

Thanks for the heads up old4570. I had some 32650 batteries refunded from MF. I reordered them 3 days later and they were despatched. Touch wood they get through. I have recently had 6 18650 batteries arrive from them and 2 16650’s should arrive any day. The 18650’s were heavily wrapped in foil. It surprises me that they know the batteries are on the banned list but they continue to send them out. Is that telling us something?

I will have to order some AA from local sources before the price increase

Who said Ni-MH are banned too? I see they could be mistaken for 14500 cells (not sure how they appear different under x-ray). From reports 18650 and 14500 can get through, though some are rejected, small lithium primaries seem to get through.

Yeah I sent a query , as the seller gave me a refund on Nimh ... Must be a lot of confusion going on ...