HL3A vs. Zebralight H600Fd

I have a H600Fd XHP50.2 Flood 4000K High CRI for about 2 years or so, and it’s ok but the UI kind of sucks.
I was thinking to switch to HL3A because it looks like it has that nice ramping UI so you can choose whatever intensity you want.
But besides the UI, how does it compare to the zebralight?

I have a SST 4000k HL3A and an H600D (with DC Fix). For trail running, the H600 is better because it’s lighter and easier to operate. I don’t use the HL3A frequently, but the magnet and floody beam are nice for working on cars, the tint is way better than the H600D too.

You have one of the best PRO headlamp on market by all aspects: lightweight , constant current efficient boost driver, hi-cri XHP led, FD version have nice beam too. UI is specific with all cons and pros. You can hate it or love it.
FD version have 5000K

One is a tool, the other a toy.

What Ryzbor said. Zebralight for hardcore use, the other one to be thrown away shortly after use

wtf? Lumintop is a big brand, and the light costs $50 so it’s not exactly cheap.

I have and use both. Love the UI and shorter size of the HL3A, but it is tough to compare any brand to Zebralight’s quality. Their stuff is designed to be dropped, abused, submersed, etc. More reliable thermal regulation also. Double the price of HL3A, which seems about right. For work or camping I’d take the Zebralight every time. For light duty stuff at home, the HL3A.

I received the HL3A today and seems pretty well made, maybe not as nice as the Zebra but I love the UI.
And it has the bunny logo!
One thing I don’t like is that metallic electronic button, it feels like it won’t last long.
But I will switch to HL3A from now. I use a headlamp the most, almost every day

Zebralight for the win every time.

Like most have said here, the Zebralight is far superior but UI is def different.
On my MK4 Zebralights, I have programmed them this way:

Single click = Low
Long Press = Medium
Double Click = High

When you press and hold it naturally cycles up in intensity, and you don’t get blinded by accidentally letting go too early and going to H1.
I personally love the Zebralight UI.

So after almost 2 years of use, my HL3A seems to not work correctly.
Ramping still works but double tap does not go to turbo anymore. I think the switch failed and is not registering multiple clicks anymore

Does triple click get you batt check?

Nope. It looks like the flashlight is not able to differentiate between one click and multiple clicks anymore

HL3A driver pics from reddit ;))