Hobby Charger Set-Up

I have finished with the set up of my individual 18650 Lithium battery charging station. I use a Reaktor 250 watt charger from Hobby King, Server power Supply and a circuit board built for me by FAR Circuits. Personally I use the 18650 cells mainly as external power for my Trail Cameras and for flashlights. I’ve also been charging packs for some of the local RC beginners here until they decided on what charger they want and have the resources to buy it. I enjoy charging the packs and cells as it has become a new hobby for me.

Diagram: Note that the buttons shown on the batteries is the POSITIVE + connection!!

The power supply is a new computer Server supply I got off EBAY and converted for my application. The conversion is very easy as described here in several threads. The JD090 Dell AA23300 Server power supply I bought is brand new and cost less than $20.00. It has max amps of 47 and I modified the voltage adjust circuit so I can boost it up to 14 volts safely.

I know it’s overkill for what I need but it sure is fun. I do have to admit I love all the options I have at hand when using a Hobby Charger. It can also charge up to 17 AA NiMH batteries in series so I’ll buy some series connected AA battery holders and wire them up for that.


Nice compact setup.

Mine is not compact at all. I have a few 26650 cells and I hate not being able to get my fingers around them so I went big. The charger I use charges the cells individually so I can charge different capacity cells at the same time.