Holiday Giveaway #4 - Fandyfire UV S5 - We have a Winner

It's a busy day so I am doing the winners now, or else it would be Thursday before I got to them.

The Winner is:

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Member: dk1aussie

I will PM you with Shipping Info

Thank You

Holiday Giveaway #4 - Fandyfire UV S5

Here's a Fandyfire UV S5 that has been modified. The light itself was given to me. The mod is a resistor change to give more tham 3 amps per led. See this thread.


You pay the Shipping. - Sorry- Use this link to figure out shipping, for CONUS you can use my zip 75703 and your zip, to figure out shipping. For international, just pick your country.

This light will run 1# 6oz. ounces packaged, so use that amount to figure postage. If you win, I will contact you and tell you the shipping cost, but this way you can get an idea of cost so you can decide if you want to be in or not. International, this will be expensive. You may not want to participate.

Anyone registered on or Before November 28th 2013 can enter. Just post here and your post# is your lucky number.

Giveaway runs until Wednesday December 4th. It officially ends at Noon Central Time, but the winner might not be announced till Thursday, just depends on what I have going at the time.

Winner will be picked by

Lucky number 1? I’m in!

Good gosh, Old-Lumens is on a roll, now!

I’m in too, Wooooooho

Great, I’m in.

Count me in!

right here

In, please.

Mama Mia!!! Christmas is hear!!! Thanks AGAIN OL. I’m in!

Count me in, thanks OL!

Maybe get lucky to get the monster. Thanks.

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Giveaways rock !

I want in !

Giveaways are always such fun !

We all want lights that shine like the sun !

We'll all share the joy

Of the winner , but boy ...

It's much better when it's you that won !

me, please - thanks OL!

I am in, thanks !

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im in thanks!

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In like Flynn.

I’m in Merry Christmas y’all